Domain Names

Domain names are the key to the two “killer applications” on the Internet – email and the world wide web.

Domain names are usually registered at the second level in a Top Level Domain ( “TLD”) such as .com, .nz. or .museum.

Country code TLDs like .nz ( for New Zealand) and .au (for Australia) are managed by national organisations within each country such as InternetNZ in New Zealand, and AuDA in Australia. Generic TLDs like .com. org and .biz are regulated by ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Names and Numbers) in Los Angeles USA, via contracts governing the registries and registrars licensed to sell those domains.

Care should be taken by traders to ensure their valuable brands are backed up by a consistent domain registration strategy. There are now over 1400 Top Level Domains to choose from, and while new registrations in .com are almost impossible, registrations in TLDs like .Shop, .Online, .Tech or Agency may be better suited to your company and its products. Contact us for the full list of available domain names.

McCabes attorneys have decades of experience in dealing with domain name selection, registration and protection.  We are also familiar with the Country Code dispute resolution procedures in New Zealand and Australia, as well as the global procedures used for generic domains.

Peter Dengate Thrush served on the Working Groups that developed the Dispute Resolution procedure for New Zealand, and also the ICANN Working Group that developed the UDRP. As Chair of ICANN during the introduction of the new gTLDs he worked on the procedures affecting those TLDS, including the URS.

McCabes will register your domains and manage your domain portfolio alongside your valuable trade marks and other brand assets.

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