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McCabe’s attorneys have for over 50  years successfully represented clients in the Life Sciences field. Life sciences technology includes innovations in treating human and animal health, plant (crop) protection, wood treatment, food production and pest control. These innovations were based on novel chemicals produced by a raft of technologies, primarily organic chemistry processes and biotechnology.

McCabes people have represented a wide-ranging clientele from NZ and Australia and from multinational corporations including Fortune 500 industrial, pharmaceutical, animal health, food processing, and crop protection companies. We have had close relationships with Universities and research institutes.

Our practice has involved obtaining, enforcement, and defending patents in these technology areas in a number of countries, primarily NZ, Australia, USA, Europe, China, and South Korea. 

The technologies have included novel chemical pharmaceuticals and animal health products, produced by organic chemistry and recombinant technologies, new uses of known chemicals for treating human and animal health maladies, radio-labelled antibodies, new cheese and butter processes, wood protection compositions and processes, compositions for improving animal health, compositions for controlling pests.

Our team has been involved as counsel and as patent attorneys assisting counsel in some major litigation on semisynthetic penicillins and cephalosporins as well as other beta lactam antibiotics, beta blockers including atenolol, omeprazole, low dose interferon, proton pump inhibitors, diclofenac, glyphosate, pantoprazole, and other well-known chemical inventions.

Members of our team worked with Dr. Craig Venter on aspects of protection for the unravelling of the human genome, and advised the New Zealand Royal Commission on Genetic Modification of aspect of IP protection for those techniques.

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